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Jen & Sean

Basement repair and waterproofing.  New front porch

I told Dan a while back, that I often 'second guess' certain decisions.  I never once 'second guessed' my decision to hire Dan and his crew for this job.  You all are fantastic, extremely hard working individuals with amazing skills.  Thank you for treating this house as if it were a multi-million dollar project.  I appreciate your patience with my questions and concerns.  I appreciate your reassurance when I was uncertain about how something would look.  I always will appreciate your kindness.


I love MY front porch!  You took what I wanted in my head and made it a reality.  I hope you know how extremely talented you are.  I'm sure from day to day you may feel like "it's just another job", for me you changed the way I feel about the appearance of my house.  Everyone that knows what my house looked like before tells me how your work has changed the entire look of the house.  Every time I look at my house, I think of you and all the time you put into making it perfect.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I wish you all the best!  I printed each of you a copy of this note, just in case you wake up one morning and question if what you do makes a difference in the lives you touch... it does!



Jen (and Sean)


PS  Dan... I'm changing your name from now on to Jerry Maguire... because you had me at 'hello'.

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